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OPMOD Battle Mug with AR-15 carry handle

OPMOD Battle Mug
(photos: Optics Planet) OPMOD Battle Mug | US$249.99 |

with so many fancy bottle openers in the market, you must be wondering “don’t anyone drink draft anymore?” certainly there are, so before you start mourning over the potential demise of the good’ol draft beer, this particularly manly beer mug might just give you a good reason why a tap is better than a bottle. CNC-machined out of a solid 13.5 pounds (6.1 kilograms) 6061 T6 billet aluminum, the OPMOD Battle Mug comes complete with three military-spec 1913 scope rails that are ready to take on scope, laser sight, tactical rail light or any other tactical gear that you desire to further boost your manliness when downing a pint and a half of those frothy beverage. Continue reading OPMOD Battle Mug with AR-15 carry handle

Porcelain Espresso Machine

Porcelain Espresso Machine by Arvid Hausser
(photos: Manuel Birnbacher) Porcelain Espresso Machine by Arvid Hausser | US$tba |

after immersing ourselves in a high tech world, sometimes it is a nice change to see some everyday things going back to its more simpler form – like going back to basic (no, we can’t live without a smartphone) in making a cup of espresso. instead of going for the high tech stainless steel look and an all-in-one design, the Porcelain Espresso Machine (SEPPL Espressomaschine in Porzellan) conceived by designer Arvid Hausser is, as its name implies, crafted out from porcelain and has different parts of the process separated out, hanged on the wall like a beautiful art piece, thereby leaving your table top nice and clean. Continue reading Porcelain Espresso Machine

50 Caliber Bullet Bottle Opener

50 Caliber Bullet Bottle Opener
(photos: Cool Material) 50 Caliber Bullet Bottle Opener | US$19.99 |

there are the normal ways to do our everyday things and there are also the novel ways to achieve the same objectives, so which one are you after? if the latter is your preferred lifestyle, then the simplest thing like popping a bottle of your favorite alcoholic beverage should be novel too. no, we are not asking you to risk your teeth but instead, why not pop the cap with a demilitarized .50 caliber bullet casing? no kidding. this is a real-deal big caliber bullet that has been modified to open your cold one – in an ego-boosting manly way. made in USA, this huge ammunition offers you a more peaceful way of utilizing an otherwise potentially lethal product (even without the required armament). we will drink to that (note: it’s not an excuse for us to down another bottle but still…). Continue reading 50 Caliber Bullet Bottle Opener

Cuisinart Outdoor Grilling Steak Thermometers

Cuisinart Outdoor Grilling Steak Thermometers
(photos: Cuisinart/NOTCOT) Cuisinart Outdoor Grilling Steak Thermometers | US$14.99 |

not everyone is born to be a chef, which also means not everyone (us, included) has the gift of telling how well done a piece steak is while its on the grille. we can go on and try our luck in guessing if the steak is rare, medium or well done, or we could employ a little help from the Cuisinart Outdoor Grilling Steak Thermometers. the Steak Thermometers are cute looking little devices, complete with a 2-inch fine pointed probe and a gauge with three level of doneness. all you have to do is poke the stainless steel gauge into your steak and wait for the needle to land on your desired doneness. it couldn’t be simpler than that, does it? and it is totally dishwasher-safe, which means you can wash it and use it many times over. all that is left is to wait for your guests to praise your Continue reading Cuisinart Outdoor Grilling Steak Thermometers

the20 Ammo Box Wine Cask – make wine, not war

the20 Ammo Box Wine Cask
(image: the20) the20 Ammo Box Wine Cask | from US$39.00 |

if you feel the need to uphold your manly image, then you shouldn’t let a typical wine bottle tame your masculine behavior down. heck, why should you pour your drink from a wine bottle anyway. there are no rules that dictate you should conform your manliness to stereotyping or norms of life. if you agree with the above statement, then the Ammo Box Wine Cask from the20 is the chiller cask of choice the next time you fill up your wine glass. this stylish cask is a repurposed decommissioned US Army ammo case inlaid with a 3-liter capacity refillable tri-laminate “eco-bag” and features a stainless spigot to dispense your favorite alcoholic beverage with ease. Continue reading the20 Ammo Box Wine Cask – make wine, not war

coffee or tea? Bodum Coffee & Tea Maker does it all

Bodum Coffee and Tea Maker Concept 600x440px
(image: Sunny Ting) Bodum Coffee & Tea Maker Concept | US$tba |

some like coffee and some can’t live without tea. instead of having two machines serving up two different beverages, designer Sunny Ting Wai Wong has a better idea. he conceived a concept Bodum Coffee & Tea Maker that not only looks gorgeous but also centralizes the brewing of two beverages into one single piece of kitchen gadget. don’t ask me what goes into the seemingly bare machine that makes those magic drinks cos’ it is, after all, a concept and as far as Sunny’s concept is concerned, this machine lets you marvel at how your coffee or tea or both brews within the borosilicate glass sphere. yes, it has two of those glass spheres that allow for simultaneously brewing, which means your pal and yourself can each enjoy their own beverage that suit each’s taste bud. Continue reading coffee or tea? Bodum Coffee & Tea Maker does it all

iPlate brings your inner Photoshop-geek to the dinning table

iPlate Import Food 640x600px
(photos: Todd Borka) iPlate by Todd Borka | €25.00 |

good news Photoshop geeks! remember the time that your mum (or for some, wife) had to drag you off from your computer to the dinning table because you are all too engrossed in your awesome and pricey photo editing software? well, thanks to French illustrator Todd Borka, there’s the ultimate fix for you – at least, enough to tie you through your dreadful dinner meal. introducing the iPlate – the plate that is decorated in your familiar Photoshop environment that should keep you occupied while you consuming your much needed calories. though you can’t do COMMAND-Z to undo what’s on your dinner plate or resize your food, it sure will add some fun to your home dinning experience. Continue reading iPlate brings your inner Photoshop-geek to the dinning table

Lasso Wine Bottle Holder holds up your wine with a ‘rope’

Lasso Wine Bottle Holder 544x488px
(credit: Peleg Design) Lasso Wine Bottle Holder | £19.95 |

i got to admit. i am totally obsessed with getting people to talked about things that i own and if i were a wine drinker, the Lasso Wine Bottle Holder designed by Shahar Peleg would be the accessory of choice. at the first glance, it appears to be able to magically suspend your wine bottle in the air with just a rope. of course, you and i know that this isn’t possible which is what makes this wine accessory an excellent conversational piece, not to mention it actually looks pretty good. the actual fact is, beneath part of this ‘rope’ is a chromed iron metal stand that does the holding up trick. adding to the realism, a real old rope continues off to the end of this lasso which you can move around to ‘prove’ to your guests that this is indeed a real rope or so they thought. very clever and for just £19.95, it is not an expensive way to give your favorite wine its much needed attention from your guests. Continue reading Lasso Wine Bottle Holder holds up your wine with a ‘rope’

The Hand Powered Espresso Maker: power-free coffee

The Hand Powered Espresso Maker 544x544px
(credit: Hammacher) The Hand Powered Espresso Maker | US$149.95 |

always lament about the waste of electricity when you make a cup of espresso? well, with The Hand Powered Espresso Maker you can now enjoy a cuppa while cutting that lamenting. as the name suggests, it lets you make your favorite brew without using a single watt of those precious electricity. constructed from durable cast aluminum for main body and hard plastic for the water reservoir, the machine’s ground coffee holder or portafilter as it is called, can hold up to two shots of ground coffee and together with the removable dual spout, it can dispense two brews on one go, so you and your bud can both enjoy a cup of the pipping hot brew together. Continue reading The Hand Powered Espresso Maker: power-free coffee

expresso-loving shutterbugs’ Shot Glass Lens Set

The Shot Glass Lens Set 544x368px
(image credit: Photojojo) The Shot Glass Lens Set | US$18.00 |

for expresso loving shutterbugs, downing a shot or two of expresso in the wee hours is the perfect way to start a morning photo shoot assignment, and what better way to do it then to take the shot from your favorite lens? well, not literally but there is always the Shot Glass Lens Set to do the job. just like the full size lens mug counterpart, it embodies detail (albeit in tiny proportion, that is) like focus-ring ridges, auto-manual focus switch, raised numberings et cetera. for just $18 you will get yourself a set of three such ceramic glasses, so that your fellow expresso loving shutterbug pals can join you for a shot to energize their days too. now that this drinkware has addressed the need for caffeine-addict shutterbugs, we should really explore what can be done for our alcohol (tequila, in particular) loving shutterbugs. a few more look of this cute drinkware set after the break. Continue reading expresso-loving shutterbugs’ Shot Glass Lens Set