Concrete Rollerball Pen by 22 Design Studio

need something to solid to put down your ideas? then you could use a little help from this Concrete Rollerball Pen by 22 Design Studio. Concrete Rollerball Pen is what the name says it is: a rollerball pen that has a body cast in concrete – the very same material that you are probably surrounded by at this present moment

Bamboo Stationery Set by Yu Jian

uniformity is a quality that something most people love, but being conforming beings, we didn’t quite give the un-uniformed norm a thought. what if, your commonly used stuff such as stationery could be uniformed in design? awesome? we would think so. with that in mind, designer Yu Jian set out to design a truly aesthetically consistence stationery set

Tactical Pen by Cybernetic Research Labs

we are sure whoever coined the adage “the pen is mightier than the sword” didn’t mean it literally, but with the advancement in technologies and the positive think-outside-the-box attitude, that adage might just be true. mightier, because it could do more than just writing and perhaps, even save your soul in some dire

Montegrappa Batman Collection Limited Edition Box Set

Montegrappa has went into an agreement with Warner Bros. last year, allowing the Italy’s oldest maker of fine writing implements to develop collections inspired by DC Comics characters. kicking off this collaboration is Batman. the collection includes two writing instruments: a 1939 Batman fountain pen and a

The Pen by AJOTO

how much time did you spend with a pen over the last few months? probably not much and even if you did spend a lot of time, it is probably with an uninspiring, plastic implement – not exactly something any style-conscious folk would want to be seen poking out of their breast pocket. as far as class and style are concerned, you could go for the Rolls Royce class…

Graf von Faber-Castell Perfect Pencil

you already paid top dollars for a roller pen, why not do the same for pencil? well, that’s assuming that you still have the need for one. but there are a few ‘issues’ associated with a traditional pencil: first, we hate the unavoidable chore of sharpening these age-old writing instrument cos’ we can never seem to locate our pencil sharpener when we needed one; second, even…

Livescribe Sky WiFi Smartpen

despite the technological advancements, some of us still can’t let go of the good’ol pens. the end result is, we have to scan whatever we have written on paper to turn them into digital copy for sharing and archiving. however, there’s a much smarter way to do it and that’s with the Livescribe Sky WiFi Smartpen. the concept is simple. just start writing with the Sky WiFi Smartpen like…

LAMY dialog 3 Fountain Pen

sometimes we almost forgot that we can actually still write with physical pens. in fact, most of us here prefers the good’ol writing instruments even though we consider ourselves as geeks. but then again, as true geeks, we are fascinated by anything that are innovative and this one fountain pen, the LAMY dialog 3 Fountain Pen just happens to sit right in the innovative category…

Moleskine The Hobbit Limited Edition Collection

as hard as we tried, we can never really go paperless and in fact, most ordinary folks weren’t able to and there’s a good reason why: there’s a strange sense of achievement or sort when we are actually scribing something down with the good’ol pen or pencil. you know, sometime the idea just struck you and all you…

Porsche Design P’3115 LaserFlex Pen

so, you have a car that turns head, and perhaps you have plenty other stuff that does the same but can you say for sure that your humble writing instrument is doing the same? no? good, here’s one that should fill that lone, irritable void you have: the Porsche Design P’3115 LaserFlex Pen. and this pen isn’t just any other ordinary writing instrument (ok, fine, it is