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an efficient way of filling sandbags: GoBagger One Man Sandbag System

GoBagger One Man Sandbag System 544px
GoBagger One Man Sandbag System | US$59.95 |
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sometime, the simplest things should also deserve some form of innovation. hence, even the simplest chores should deserve an update in the way it has always been done. this is what GoBagger aims to do: change the way how we bag our sands. traditionally, filling of sandbag requires at least two person – one person holds the empty sandbag, and the other shovels the sand into the bag. sounds simple enough but what if we could speed up the process by, say, five times?

GoBagger does exactly that and all it takes is one man to do the job that quickly. the concept is simple: a scoop-like device with a handle upfront, a mouth (entrance), a back handle and an exit. the user use one hand to hold the front handle, while the other hand holds the back handle with the sandbag tucked in place. with a scooping down action, the mouth of the device receives the sands and the upward swing action, throws the sands back through the exit and into the sandbag. simple and quick action.

depending the size of the sandbag, and the user’s scooping action, one scoop with the GoBagger could be enough to fill a single bag. well, why we didn’t think of that? constructed out of low-density polyethylene, the GoBagger weighs in at just 1.9 kg which makes it easy to transport around. on top of that, the nature of its design enables several of the GoBagger to be “stacked” together for easy storage and transportation.

according to GoBagger, the traditional way of sandbag-filling can produced 85-90 bags an hour, but with the GoBagger, the same two person can churn out 480 bags in an hour. this is THE model for efficiency. we simply love innovation.

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3D video becomes a reality on your iPhone and iPod Touch

i3DG Palm Top Theater 544px

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after the successful “invasion” of high definition displays and imaging devices, manufacturers has been working fervently on 3D technologies for consumer electronics, extending it beyond just displays but also to imaging and playback devices. so shouldn’t iPhone be 3D capable as well? we don’t have to look too far, the i3DG Palm Top Theater makes 3D playback on your existing iPhone and iPod Touch possible.

the concept was a simple one. a contraption with three half-silvered mirrors, tilted at an angle in a box-like package, creates an illusion of 3D display on your device. designed by Jitsuro Mase, this box-shaped accessory plugs in to your iPhone or iPod Touch to let you enjoy 3D playback. the result looks pretty convincing and cool. check out the video below.

cool as it is, however there’s just one catch: you have hold up your iPhone or iPod Touch with the i3DG device attached and view into the small oblong display screen of the i3DG. definitely something you won’t want to do for extended period.

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basic gesture interface use in Public Mall (video & photos)

gesture interface use in Mall 544px
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the recent Christian Dior history showcase features a basic gesture interface for public information service. while it was not as sophisticated as the one that Hitachi showcased in CEATEC Japan 2010, it indicates a promising start for such technology for public service information application. by not touching the interface, it is definitely going to be more hygienic.

we tested it and found it to be quite smooth, though the page sometimes tend to stick to the “hand”. it even works when trying to page it at faster pace, albeit a little jerky. for this showcase, its only limited to swiping gestures but we hope to see more gestures such as pinch-zoom, rotate et cetera, in future development. looks like Minority Report isn’t too far away. cool.

check out a short video clip below.

gesture motion sensing use in Mall 544px
gesture motion sensing use in Mall 544px

save water when flushing with MJSI HrdroRight

MJSI HydroRight 544px
HyroRight | US$29.99 |

this is not exactly new but it’s an innovation worthy of mention, again and better yet, the HyroRight has won the recent 2010 Chicago Innovation Award competition. HydroRight converts standard one-button toilet flushing system into a two-button system that could potentially saves gallons of water a year.

it’s a simple design that can install without tools in just 10 minutes. while most new flushing system already comes in two-button flush for water saving, some older models might be missing this water saving features. that’s where HyroRight comes into play. asides for water saving, HyroRight will eliminates flapper problems.

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Android-F: realistic Female Humanoid showcased

Android-F 544px
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i haven’t written on Android development since i have just started (this blog-zine) about a couple of months ago. so this is the first. when i said Android, it is really the Android, Android not some operating system from Google.

showcased here is Android-F (no name as yet for her, or should i say ‘it’), developed by Kokoro Co. Ltd and ATR. facial expressions and head movements are tracked and replicated by the android via computers & peripherals plus a mess of cabling. i supposed ‘F’ meant to say it’s a female version? Continue reading Android-F: realistic Female Humanoid showcased

Panasonic’s Power Loader Light robotic suit powers up your legs

Panasonic Power Loader Light
(photo source: Activelink Power Loader Light | approx. US$233,000
perhaps there is an ongoing secret ‘battle’ for the development of power suit or exoskeleton. if Lockheed Martin’s HULC and Raytheon’s Exoskeleton suit’s military application does not turned you on, then you peace loving (and logistic nuts, alike) will love this piece of news. Activelink, a power assisted devices arm of Panasonic, announced the Power Loader Light, a light-version of their original (in development) Power Loader (which will not be ready till 2015). Continue reading Panasonic’s Power Loader Light robotic suit powers up your legs

testing of next generation Lockheed Martin’s HULC Robotic Exoskeleton began

Lockheed Martin HULC 544px
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Lockheed Martin began putting its improved next-generation design of the HULC™ advanced robotic exoskeleton thru laboratory test. in case you haven’t heard, the HULC (or Human Universal Load Carrier) is an untethered, battery-powered, hydraulic-actuated anthropomorphic exoskeleton capable of performing deep squats, crawls and upper-body lifting with minimal human exertion. Continue reading testing of next generation Lockheed Martin’s HULC Robotic Exoskeleton began

Mercedes Benz to offer panoramic vario-roof with MAGIC SKY CONTROL for 2011 SLK

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Mercedes-Benz will be offering the all new vario-roof with the new SLK next year. the new vario-roof will boast innovative technology, resulting in an unique glass roof which can be made either transparent or darkened at a touch of a button. according to Mercedes-Benz the glass roof when ‘in transparent mode it will offer an open-air experience during cold weather, while in darkened mode it will afford a haven of shade and prevent the 
interior from heating up in direct sunlight’. do note this is a panoramic glass roof, not sunroof (sunroof is just out-dated). Continue reading Mercedes Benz to offer panoramic vario-roof with MAGIC SKY CONTROL for 2011 SLK

MIT unveils paper-thin solar cell prototype

MIT Paper-thin Solar Cell Prototype 544px
(photo source: Martin LaMonica/CNET)
why hasn’t solar energy been a wide spread use is probably due to it’s high cost and the bulk it requires to produce the required energy. imagine trying to implement solar cells in your home – i bet the panels are going to cover the whole of the roofing structure. not only it will be aesthetically pleasing, but also adding significant weight on the roof. it works well with a single appliance such as water heater but i can’t imagine the number of solar panels required to supply 80% of a household consumption.

recently, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (M.I.T.) presented an early results of research on paper-thin solar cells. this provides promising outlook for applications in a wide spectrum of area. just imagine covering your house with paper-thin solar cells and be able to harness the electricity generated by it to run your daily household appliances. definitely a good news to planet earth, where we are fast facing depleting energy resources and increasing pollutions.

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safety meets style with Hövding/Chieftan airbag for cyclists

Hövding Collar Airbag for Cyclists 544px
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from the first look you might thought you are looking at some fashion accessory such as a scarf or a fashionable headdress. well, it is not. it is the Hövding, an airbag developed for cyclist in the guise of a fashionable collar. well, the models in the picture does did some part in the deception. but the part about me mistaking it for a fashion wear was true. really. but i guess the inventors wanted to project the fashionable side of this life saving invention. you don’t need to look look ugly wearing a safety device. great for colder countries, but not so ideal for tropical countries. nevertheless, it is going to save a lot lives. the Hövding operates on battery and motion sensor.

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visit Hövding website. (non-English)