DIY Wireless Tin Can Telephone

Remember the tin-can telephone when we made as kids? It was a good experiment that us about science. But I don’t think kids of the future need that. They probably need this: Wireless Tin Can Telephone. It is tin-can phone as the namesake implies. Just that it does away with the string.

DIY Wireless Tin Can Telephone

Created by YouTuber/tinkerer Geoff aka Facio Ergo Sum, this modern interpretation of tin-can phone uses Arduino Uno, wireless receiver, an amplifier and speaker to achieve a string-free two-way, tin-can based communication.

OK. It could do without the tin-can really. But, you know, for nostalgia’s sake, Geoff did anyways. The result is… it totally works, albeit a little lackluster in the audio quality. Then again, isn’t that’s case with the string version?

DIY Wireless Tin Can Telephone

As a boon, Wireless Tin Can Telephone sure can go a lot longer distance than the traditional tin cans-and-string setup. Technically, you probably can go that distance with strings, but you’d be wasting a ton of string and you will also have a hard time keeping the string nice and tight for sound to transmit.

Anywho, now the fun part. The fun part is, you can recreate what Geoff did by following his instructions on Instructables.

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Images: Facio Ergo Sum.

Source: Hackaday.