Cedar Chicken Coop is the condominium for chickens

Cedar chicken coop condo 544x368px
(credit: frenchkitchen)

this is first for this blog: featuring a chicken coop. i find this chicken coop constructed from cedar woods too beautiful to give it a pass. i favor chicken’s eggs but am no fan of chicken themselves. anyway, frenchkitchen posted on instructables a custom chicken coop that he constructed for his bunch of lovely chickens and apparently, the environment is so conducive that he is getting an egg a day from each of the chicken.
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the Cedar chicken coop condo, as frenchkitchen has called it, has electricity with lightings and heating lamps on timers in the interior. he even incorporated a old-fashioned porch light at the top of the entrance. as you can see from the images, the coop has a full height, spacious design complete with a full height door so that cleaning of the coop will not be a backbreaking chore. it used to have a webcam but removed subsequently due to high traffic that resulted in bogging down of frenchkitchen’s Internet bandwidth.

check out more images of the Cedar chicken coop condo after the jump. frenchkitchen has not put up any details of the construction yet but if you are keen, perhaps you can get in touch with him. it will be cool if he could include some self-sustaining features such as solar roof panel or rain water collection to give the coop a boost of eco-friendliness. nevertheless, it is the most beautiful chicken coop i have ever seen. awesome!

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Cedar chicken coop condo 800x533px Cedar chicken coop condo 800x533px Cedar chicken coop condo 800x533px Cedar chicken coop condo 800x533px Cedar chicken coop condo 800x533px

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