Do you find yourself misplacing your wallet all the time? Well, if so, here’s the perfect solution: Chipolo CARD Bluetooth Tracker. Now, I know what you are thinking: “Aren’t there a boatload of Bluetooth trackers out there in the market?” Yup. You are right, but the thing is, most Bluetooth Trackers, while sleek and tiny, they usually present a bulge in your wallet which is not exactly something minimalists would have in mind. I would say those are good for tracking keys and bags, and they are most definitely not wallets. The Chipolo CARD here is different.

Chipolo CARD Bluetooth Tracker

It is, as the product name suggests, card size. At the thickness of a credit card, it is the thinnest Bluetooth tracker there is today and it slips into your wallet masquerading as just another credit card. Slip one into your wallet and wa-lah! Tracking bulge eliminated, forever. Thanks to its incredible thinnest, it is good for other thin objects too. It is good for your passport, phone, or anything that you wish to track without the bulge. Instead of gently alerting you when a tracked object strays a little too far from you, Chipolo CARD make a ring that is as loud as a subway coming towards you from 200 feet away. Now, if that does not get your attention, I don’t know what ever will. Imagine a pickpocket try to make a run with your wallet. Everyone will be alerted, not just you.

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Chipolo CARD Bluetooth Tracker

In addition, the connected community feature will automatically start searching for your lost item and when one of the many Chipolo users passes by your lost item (while running the app, of course), you will be notified with your item’s last known location. Brilliant. Chipolo CARD runs on a non-removable, non-rechargeable battery that is good for a year use and it is impervious to water, and so there’s no worrying about it getting the dip. But all these goodness comes with a pretty hefty price. It costs 35 euros a pop which translates to around US$41 a year to secure each of your everyday carry item. I guess it could be a worthwhile investment if you carry a wad of cash all the time, plus there may be other items that can’t be valued monetary. Your call.

Chipolo CARD Bluetooth Tracker

Chipolo CARD Bluetooth Tracker

Images courtesy of Chipolo.

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