this is one entertainment throne that all couch-potatoes cum part time car freak will love. conceived...

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(image credit: Ross Parry) Mini Multifunctional Console | £8,000.00

this is one entertainment throne that all couch-potatoes cum part time car freak will love. conceived by David Gawthorpe, this entertainment cocoon is crafted out from an actual classic Mini Cooper. it took David two years to complete this piece of multi-functional console, in which gaming is just part of its many other functions. the working hood flips up to unveil a plush seating complete with backrest and from this seat, you can blast your favorite tunes, watch a movie, execute your overflowed work from office here or simply dump the work and play games on it.

the features don’t just stop there. built into this beautiful example is a ‘Butt Kicker’ vibration pad that ensures you jump on every shot of an action film. it even has a fridge at the back, so you can snag a cold drink without walking too far while you are on your couch-potato duty. this Mini also possess a 500-watts amplifier, strobe and laser lights, iPod dock, stereo sound and a remote-controlled smoke machine – perfect for recreating the tire-burning sensation of a drag race. this one-of-the-kind entertainment seat is reported to cost a cool £8,000 (about US$12,915).

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we have no idea where in the world you can lay your hands on this awesome chair but in case all avenue of exploit to buy this fails, may we suggest you built one yourself. all you need is lots of dough and two years to spare. on the side note, i used to have a mini cooper sofa that i savaged off a classic mini that was destined for the scrapyard but sadly, that didn’t turn out too well due to the fact that i was lacking the experience and tools necessary to make it a more presentable piece.

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