if looking sharp in formal attire ranks high among your everyday must-do list, then the CLEVERFIT Adjustable Collar Stay is the must-have accessory to keep your shirt’s collars from being the point of a fashion disaster. slot in a plastic items and you know you are putting your style in a Russian roulette – you never know how long it will hold; sure, there’s the metal ones, but ask yourself this: can it fit all of your shirts? we doubt so. so basically, flimsiness and compatibility are big issues that comes between you and looking sharp. with the CLEVERFIT Adjustable Collar Stay, you will never have to worry about those two issues; firstly, it is of stainless steel to give the rigidness that a collar stay needs, and secondly, it is adjustable to fit nearly any collar sizes you can imagine. the latter is an ingenious solution that replaces the many collar stays that you own with just a set (or maybe two, just in case you misplace a set). it can be adjusted to accommodate any collar size in seconds and extendable to almost double of its original retracted length to fit even the biggest collar size, keeping them neat and sharp.

the CLEVERFIT Adjustable Collar Stay is both functional and handsome accessory that any shirt-wearing man should own. we know. you hardly get to appreciate its beauty when this nifty accessory is doing its thing, but we shares the same believe as the late Apple co-founder’s view on things should be beautiful as they are on the outside, and hence we are all for CLEVERFIT, and that’s not to mention it comes with an equally beautiful and well thought-out hard case for safe storage and transport. you can get yours by making a pledge of $30 or more on CLEVERFIT’s Kickstarter campaign. though do bear in mind that this project need your help to become a reality, so if you appreciate all the good things in life – including not having curled or bowed collars, then you should really give CLEVERFIT Adjustable Collar Stay some serious considerations. have a few more look in the gallery below and while you are there, do also check out a pitch video after the break.

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