don’t be taken aback by its price, for the Happy Plugs 18-carat Solid Gold Earphones is after all, the first headphones to be crafted in 18-carat solid gold. yes. solid gold – not plated or anything lesser, which makes us think: isn’t gold an awesome conductor that would hinder with the circuitry? anyway, that’s beside the point – the point is, it is awesome if you are a gold fanatics and have like 95,000 Swedish krona to drop, or some $15,000 greenbacks. handmade by a Swedish goldsmith in Old Town, Stockholm, the headphones is molded to the shape of Happy Plugs Earbuds and each pair has 25 grams worth of gold, making this worthy of a jewelry for fulfilling your opulent lifestyle.

the Happy Plugs 18-carat Solid Gold Earphones will be available starting from September 6, 2013 directly from Happy Plugs online store. expect a wait of 3-4 weeks before this luxe earphones lands on your doorsteps. only those with unlimited credit limit on their credit cards need to apply. man. 15 grand for a pair of audio buds. can you imagine that? no really. can you? in any case, mortals like us won’t be dreaming about a pair of five figure buds and for that Happy Plugs is more than happy to offer a more wallet-friendly version, known as Deluxe edition, in both earbuds and in-ear models for 249 SEK and 349 SEK (about US$38 and US$53), respectively. and those, my friend, sounds more like they belongs to this world.

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