What is the most iconic design from Harman/Kardon? Well, it had to be the SoundSticks, right? Now, imagine the SoundSticks design language being applied to a smartphone? Can’t imagine that? Well, you don’t have to because, industrial designer James Tsai already did.

Concept Harman Kardon Smartphone by James Tsai

Folks meet the Concept Harman/Kardon Smartphone by James Tsai. And holy shit, it is beautiful! Drawing inspiration from the U.S.-based longtime audio equipment maker’s iconic SoundSticks, Tsai came up with an audio-focused concept phone featuring a translucent hump back with a large speaker, partially recessed, right smack in the center.

Concept Harman Kardon Smartphone by James Tsai

This design maximizes airflow through the speaker and providing an omnidirectional music experience. The large speaker on the back has complex tiny holes that are a nod to of the original Harman/Kardon 60 degrees slash icon.

In Tsai’s proposition, it has a lone rear-facing camera with flash on a sleek camera bump and a dual hole punch camera can be found on the slightly curved edge-to-edge display. A clear statement that imaging ain’t its focus, music is. Speaking of music, the designer even gave this concept music phone a music enjoyment-focused UI. Lovely.

Concept Harman Kardon Smartphone by James Tsai

Images: James Tsai.

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