Basin. It comes in all shapes and sizes, but nearly all are of the same type of materials: ceramic and/or stainless steel. The most radical we have seen as far as material goes is concrete. That is until now we saw this: CONE Wooden Wash Basin by Woodbasin. Recently we stumble across this intriguing basin/vanity counter combo that is made entirely out of natural wood – save for the draining system, faucet and mounting hardware.

CONE Wooden Wash Basin by Woodbasin

Wood and water does not sound like the perfect marriage and hence, it is not the obvious material of choice for basin. Then again, why the hell not when mankind have been using wooden pails and barrels for containing liquids? CONE defies the convention. It shuns the common materials used for wash basin and chose to go with part of a tree trunk instead.

“This distinctive piece of wood is carried by a sturdy, black-lacquered steel module. The drain, also made of black steel, was integrated into the tree’s natural growth pattern, blending into the annual rings of the tree. This natural aesthetic is complemented by a practical insert that can be filled with plants.”

CONE Wooden Wash Basin by Woodbasin

Minimal and complicated all at the same time is what I would use to describe this unique basin/vanity top combo. The Olsberg, Germany-based has a few other designs too. If you love to have a wood basin and speaks German, you can touch base with Woodbasin to find out how you can pick up one. But be warn. These unique basins do not come cheap.

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The cheapest, basin-only (CONE QUADRA) design goes for 550 euros (around US$617) and the model similar to the one in the featured image (called CONE INVI) is custom made and costs 2,459 euros and up (or about US$2,757). The CONE INVI isn’t the pricest listed; there’s a geometric model called PENTA that commands a starting price of 3,120 euros (approx. US$3,498).

CONE Wooden Wash Basin by Woodbasin

Images: Woodbasin [DE].

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