Winter sucks. Among the many inconveniences it brought about, nothing beats the annoyance of having wear thick, chunky winter clothing because, this usually means your collection of awesome tees from the last three seasons will need to go into the cold storage, or not be seen under the layers of puffy winter outwear. Just when we thought that is the way it is, Core Innovations decided not to conform to this norm. The startup has created a tee for all season that will allow you to wear your favorite tees even during cold winter season.

Core Tee T-shirt With Dynamic Core Layer

Called Core Tee, this cold weather undergarment is designed around the concept of Thermoregulation. Thermoregulation is natural phenomena in our body where heat generated in deep organs are spread to other parts of the body. But when it gets cold and your limbs are not covered, the heat will be pull from the limbs to ensure the vital organs get the heat required. Our body is designed in such a way that it knows to prioritize so we could brave a certain amount of harshness. Ah… the wonder of nature is something of a marvel, isn’t it?

Core Tee T-shirt With Dynamic Core Layer

Anywho, leveraging on this concept with a combination of space age materials, clever design and key pockets as body warmers, Core Tee will help to maintain that core body temperature and thereby, keep you nice and cosy without the bulk of jackets or other inner wear. Obviously, it is not meant for extreme cold, but it should be good enough to take on regular winters. Worst case I foresee is, when it gets a little too cold for comfort, perhaps regular cotton long sleeves shirt should be suffice and that surely beats wrapping yourself in a puffy jacket.

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Core Tee T-shirt With Dynamic Core Layer

Other noteworthy mentions include a two-layer pulse points, mesh vents, microthermal synthetic fabric, shoulder flex stick, smooth glide surface, extended tuck and the aforementioned power warmer pockets which you can slip in warmers to boost the heat. Core Innovations has taken to Kickstarter to pitch this innovative all-season wear, but it looks like folks aren’t quite convinced, judging from the lukewarm response.

However, if you want to see Core Tee becomes a reality, you can show your love by making a pledge. A contribution of $39 or more will secure you a piece, destined for May 2018 delivery – that’s if the campaign meets its funding goal in the next 40 days or so.

Images courtesy of Core Innovations.

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