we have to be honest: the market for the Cozy by Radiator Labs is pretty small. however, if you resides in New York city and lives in a steam-heated apartment, the Cozy by Radiator Labs could be a life-saver for you. born out of the desire to control the steam-heat radiator, founder and CEO of Radiator Labs designed this innovative cover that goes over your pad’s radiator, thereby granting you control over the otherwise uncontrollable radiator. it is WiFi-enabled, allowing you to program times, set the temperatures, and even activate vacation settings via a dedicated app on your smartphone. as a bonus, you get to cover up the unsightly radiator and also prevent ‘burning’ when anyone accidentally touches it.

the Cozy is rigged with sensors that constantly picks up the temperature in your room, working in sync with a set of integrated fans to push the appropriate amount of heat to the room based on the temperature you have set. apparently, Cozy will also learn how your building and apartment heats up and adapt accordingly. the Cozy by Radiator Labs is yet to be fully realized. the ground work has been done, now the firm needs your financial backing to take it off the ground (and over your radiator). you can pledge your support through Kickstarter – all Cozy wants in exchange is $249 of your monies. learn more about Cozy in the pitch video below, or head-on down to the project page for info on the different reward levels.

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Cozy by Radiator Labs

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