most of us have been there at some point in time: getting your can drink stolen in a party, mostly by honest mistake cos’ all of them looks pretty much alike. if you want to avoid tasting other folk’s enzyme (or others tasting yours) by mistake, then this tiny little accessories known as Can Stamp can help. it is much like a rubber stamp with raised letters spelling a choice of messages such as ‘MINE’, ‘IN USE’, ‘FUEL’ and ‘1 MORE’, which you can imprint on the aluminum can to mark it as yours. though it is worthy to note that this contraption works only on unopened aluminum can. to make your mark on the can, all you have to do is to press the stamp against the ridge (the part where the can’s body ‘bend’ to a vertical drop) near the top of the can and wa la, you have just marked your property which you are probably going to be done like in another few minutes.

however, if you are a sipper, the Can Stamp might be a novel way of ‘making it yours’ until you are done with your drink – though it might not help if everyone in the party also have one (customization in small scale is yet to be available), after all, it only cost $7.95 to own. but at least you know if all else fails, it will still make a good keychain. just remember to keep it to your pockets, as there could be several others with the same keychain and the worst scenario would be mistakenly bringing somebody else’s keys home. just saying… if you are unsure how this actually works on a can, then be sure to check out a ‘how-to’ video after the break.

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Can Stamp

a huge thanks to Ryan for the hat tip!

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