Even an electric car we see today is not 100 percent sustainable. If you truly believe in sustainability, you should be driving an electric made out almost entirely bamboo like what this bamboo craftsman, Yoshi from Susaki, Kochi Prefecture, did. Yoshi is no ordinary craftsman; he is the fourth generation bamboo craftsman to run the Taketora Bamboo in Western Japan. However, he did not enlist his outfit to create this one-of-a-kind bamboo on wheels; instead he looked to crowdfunding to realized his dream. Being a bamboo craftsman, Yoshi has the dream of making a bamboo electric car where he managed to garner support from 115 folks, rolling in $30,000 for the project.

Crowdfunded Bamboo Car Set Realize Dreams of Investor

One of the goal of this unique electric ride is to showcase the possibility of this material (for a car). Almost everything is made out of woven bamboo, including the side brakes, steering, seats – save for the original underpinning of an electric vehicle called “Light T3” and also some essential components like the lights, side mirrors, pedals, gauges, and of course, the windshield. We were particularly impressed by the intricately woven dash and the floor, which is actually made out of bamboo planks were used for stability sake. Overall, aesthetically, the vehicle has quite a fair amount curves and looks pretty much like a rattan on wheels from afar, which is kinda cool.

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Crowdfunded Bamboo Car Set Realize Dreams of Investor

Now that the car is ready, Yoshi will use it to visit one of his main investor who lives some 1,000 kilometers (621 miles) away in Yokohama. While the car will have no issue getting to where he wants to go, Yoshi does have concern about charging during journey which he estimated will take around ten days. Moreover, the vehicle does a very modest 50 kilometers (31 miles) range, after which it requires six hours to get it up to full charge. That’s not mention that it will take careful planning to ensure he won’t find himself stranded somewhere where power source aren’t available.

It is suffice to say it will be one hell of a ride, adding to the fact that Yoshi and his vehicle will be competing with regular cars on possibly crowded highways. In any case, we wish him best of luck if he hadn’t make the journey yet. Check out NTV News24 video feature of Yoshi’s work of art below.

Crowdfunded Bamboo Car Set Realize Dreams of Investor

Images: screengrab from Facebook video.

NTV News24 via DamnGeeky

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