So, you have already heard of the “most affordable Ducati”. Yeah. That’s the Ducati electric bicycles we talked about a couple of months ago. What if you want something that can, say, go into your trunk of your car? Well, Ducati have that covered too. Meet the Ducati Folding eBike Line.

Ducati x MT Distribution Folding eBike Line

The Ducati Folding eBike Line is born from the partnership between Ducati and MT Distribution, and consists of three models: Urban-E, under the Ducati brand, and SCR-E and SCR-E Sport, both of which fall under Ducati Scrambler “Land of Joy”. Don’t look adorable? I think they are.

Here’s a quick breakdown of each model key features:

• Special aluminum frame with easy-folding locking system
• Integrated LCD display on handlebar
• LED lights integrated into the frame
• 378 Wh battery integrated into the frame (see the little ‘hump’ there?)
• Suspension fork
• Fat 20” x 4” tires with Kevlar anti-puncture technology
• Double wall aluminum wheels
• Rear mudguard
• Pedal-assisted bicycle

Ducati x MT Distribution Folding eBike Line
The Urban-E

• Aluminum frame with deluxe handle with easy-folding technology
• Rear lights integrated into seat post
• Latest generation LCD display
• Twilight sensor for automatic switching on/off the lights
• Fat 20” x 4” wheels
• 374.4 Wh battery integrated into the frame
• Range of up to 70 km (43.5 miles)

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SCR-E Sport is everything the SCR-E, but with the following
• Double shock absorber: front fork and rear spring shock
• Single wall alloy wheels and road tires
• 468 Wh battery integrated into the frame
• Range of up to 80 km (50 miles)

Ducati x MT Distribution Folding eBike Line
The SCR-E Sport

For more information with respect to purchase and availability, you will need to reach out to MT Distribution.

Ducati said a selection of eBike models will also be available from Ducati dealers and on the Ducati Shop Online. But we don’t see the folding bikes on the latter. With that said, we are no aware of their pricing either – even though the SCR-E and SCR-E Sport supposedly have been on the market since last month (July).

All images courtesy of Ducati.

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