Custom LEGO 2-Player Table Basketball Set

Here’s a LEGO Ideas submission by LegoApple_V2. It is a tabletop basketball game for two person like you have known, but in LEGO form. It was LEGO Ideas’ staff pick last week (I think) and seriously, no prize for guessing why. I mean, who doesn’t like a game of table basketball in LEGO? Everyone does.

LegoApple_V2’s LEGO 2-Player Table Basketball bears the recognizable colors typical of a tabletop basketball game and it includes a manual scoreboard created with some Technic elements. It is not 100 percent LEGO though.

It is perhaps 99.9 percent LEGO because, it appears to include two, presumably springy, plastic components required for the launch mechanism. That makes this set requiring two custom parts: the launch mechanism and the basketballs.

As much as I love to see it materialize, I do not hold high hopes because of the custom elements. I could be wrong. What do you think? Do you think if this submission ever hit 10,000 support, will it be considered?

Speaking of support, if you like the idea, you may want to consider dropping your one precious support to help to get due attention from LEGO.

Images: LEGO Ideas (LegoApple_V2).