This is custom LEGO Technic Railway System, an amazing Great Ball Contraption, created by LEGO enthusiast Akiyuki. It may not look like much, but it really is an amazing work of art. For starter, the trains’ movement are actually independent. Meaning each train is powered by its own motors with no microcomputers or electronic control devices involved. Secondly, while it may look rather sparse, this setup actually contains over 6,000 LEGO elements and it took more than 150 hours to build. Thirdly, it is, well, a Great Ball Contraption. Duh.

Custom LEGO Technic Railway System

Akiyuki’s design is scalable. This means it can be expanded further if desire. In this set up, four trains continuously move along the train to transfer the ball from one point to another. It is actually quite mesmerizing to watch. What’s even more awesome is, you can build your own because, Akiyuki is kind enough to share the build with the rest of the community. You can find the instructions HERE. Before that, you may want to catch the trains in action in the video below.

Images: Akiyuki.

Source: Twitter.

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