HRI Laboratory Knife-wielding Robot

We shouldn’t be alarmed when someone is teaching a robot to pick up a knife because, already, we have seen a robot that is perfectly apt in firing a pistol. Besides, at least this robot by Human Robot Interaction Laboratory at Tufts does not have legs. So, we are be safe… for now. Anyways, the basis of this research is not to teach a robot to wield a knife; it is part of the institute’s research called “Learning Interactions from Natural Language Instruction and Demonstration.”

HRI Laboratory Knife-wielding Robot

As the research title suggests, the researchers over at HRI Laboratory attempts to get the robot to grab a knife using simple command, just like we would when asking another person to do something. This means getting this little knife-wielding robo here to pick up a knife is as simple as asking it to ‘grab’, but it doesn’t stop there. By combing a string of simple commands, the instructor will be able to teach the robot even more advanced commands.

The result so far is what you will see in the video below. The knife robo can locate the knife, grab it and lift it up. So far, wielding in the knife in a threatening manner is not part of it. But hey, you never know right? If you give it some AI, maybe it may decide it is for humans’ best interest that robots should rule the world. Just saying… Skip ahead to see the demo.

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Image: YouTube.

Animated GIF and source: Popular Mechanics.