You know what the famed, iconic robot helmets don by French electronic music duo could be good for? Christmas tree ornaments. Seriously, we never knew that until we saw the Daft Punk White & Gold Robot Helmet Ornament Set. I must say it was quite a revelation. Suddenly, it all makes perfect sense. Electronic music icons and Christmas. They are like a match made in heaven. There’s just one problem though; a set of two does not come cheap, going at $25 and surely, you are not going to hang only a pair, are you? And so, it is going to cost you like a lot if you plan to decorate your lovely fir with many of these. Of course, you can choose not to, but what else can go with the pair and also, how else can you make the Christmas tree worthy of a Daft Punk theme?

Anyways, it really is your call. However, if you are keen, you may want to know that this miniature replicas of the duo’s iconic helmets are of molded resin and sports electrostatic-plated metallic gold visors. But it could be 25 dollars well spent (if you are a huge Daft Punk fan, that is) cos’ the ornament set makes a good collectible and can also be used outside of this holiday season like, for example, decorating the cabin of your car, or just about anywhere you fancy. While you are at it (contemplating or buying), you may also want to check out the robot helmet-themed snow globes too which goes for a surprisingly affordable $35 for a pair, or 20 bucks, individually.

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Daft Punk Silver Thomas Snow Globe

Daft Punk Gold Guy Snow Globe

Images: Daft Punk.

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