Can’t get enough of Amazon Alexa? If so, mVoice Smartwatch by Martian Watches is the smart timepiece you want on your to-buy list. More so, if you have a thing for traditional wrist watch face because that’s what mVoice has on it. There’s no fancy digital display here, save for a narrow OLED display that spits out the essential information you need, and so you’d be experiencing the fashion statement a good’ol timepiece has to offer. But this ain’t no ordinary timepiece nor is it your run-of-the-mill smartwatch, Amazon Alexa is part of it too.

mVoice Smartwatch with Alexa by Martian Watches

Yes, you heard that right. Alexa is now on your wrist and the best part is, you don’t even need an Echo Dot or Echo to empower you with the ability to ask Alexa questions, get it to play music, read news, fetch the weather and traffic reports, make your smart home do your biddings, and of course, piling up your Amazon shopping cart with your to-buy things and also, if you desire, re-order items. Now, that’s the future.

mVoice Smartwatch with Alexa by Martian Watches

Apart from the goodness and convenience brought about by Amazon Alexa, mVoice also performs like any regular smartwatches, displaying notifications like social, news, messages and whatnot pushed from your phone, enabling you to check them out discreetly and it will let you use voice to compose and send text messages, as well as placing and receiving calls.

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mVoice Smartwatch with Alexa by Martian Watches

Basically, in addition to Alexa, mVoice does what most smartwatches do but without overwhelming you with digital visuals. Furthermore, a companion app allows you to customize the smartwatch functionality, including assigning custom vibrations to individual apps or contact so you will be in the know without even having to glance at the watch.

mVoice Smartwatch with Alexa by Martian Watches is available via Martian Watches’ website, starting at $295, or you could save yourself nearly 40 bucks and helping this blog by acquiring from Amazon for $159.51. But that’s purely a friendly suggestion.

Images courtesy of Martian Watches.

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