A guest room complete with proper bed is a luxury tiny apartments cannot afford and hence, a sofa/bed hybrid presents itself as the ideal solution. But similarly, not everyone who lives in small apartments remain in one place; some tend to move from city to city, and often with their furniture. That said, easily movable furniture that are also versatile is essential for modern urban nomads, and this prompted Canadian design studio Dear Human to create the Sweet Seat you see here. Wait, we are not saying the seat is sweet; ‘Sweet Seat’ is actually the furniture’s name.

Dear Human Sweet Seat Bed-Sofa Hybrid

Anyways, instead of embarking on rocket scientist kind of complexity to create a furniture that’s transformable, Dear Human opt with a more simplistic approach, which is kind of a no brainer if you really think about it. In other words, it is as simple as it is amazing. Sweet Seat here is composed of several rectangular upholstered cushions which are stacked together and held together by broad, striking color elastic band to form the desired seat. For the sake of transformation without hindrance, it does without legs; the cushy at the bottom is the base and that’s that.

Dear Human Sweet Seat Bed-Sofa Hybrid

When it is time to hit the sack, all you have to do is slip off the elastic bands and arrange the cushions flat on the floor and voila! A bed is formed and ready to transport you to la la land. It is really that simple. But a bed formed by Dear Human Sweet Seat is definitely not for those who toss and turn a lot when sleeping cos’ the cushions are merely positioned together, not secured and hence, we suspect any movement that is slightly forceful than gentle will result in the tectonic plates of cushions to drift apart.

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And you know what happen when that happens, don’t you? You may end up sleeping on the hard, cold floor. Otherwise, the concept of having broad elastic bands seem appealing enough to me. We are sure if Sweet Seat is up for grab, but if you are keen enough, you can touch base using the form available on the product page HERE to find out more.

Dear Human Sweet Seat Bed-Sofa Hybrid

Dear Human Sweet Seat Bed-Sofa Hybrid

Images courtesy of Dear Human.

Dear Human via Homecrux

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