Denon’s new DNP-720SE Network player is AirPlay enabled

DENON DNP-720SE Network Player 544x311px
(credit: Denon) Denon DNP-720SE Network player | about ¥50,400.00 |

we believe digital music is on the brink of making traditional player like the CD player obsolete and to that end, Denon has strengthened our believe with its new DNP-720SE Network player that’s DLNA certified and supports Apple’s AirPlay technology. as the name suggest, the player can retrieve and play your music collection stored in your Network Attached Storage (NAS) or any other remote drive. the set itself is WiFi-enabled, albeit being just B/G only and apart from the usual file formats (you know, MP3, WAV, AAC and the likes), it also support the growing favorite among audiophile – the FLAC (short for Free Lossless Audio Codec) – a lossless audio compression and decompression format.
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the DNP-720SE also support the use of Denon Remote App for iOS devices (available free on the AppStore) and Internet radio. other features include front-facing USB port for connection to any of your music-laden external hard drives and built-in FM/AM tuner. at this point, you might have already notice that this contemporary piece of equipment yet another Japan-only product. well, at least it is for now. i am hoping it will go global soon and if that happens, i will make sure to cut the iPhone/iPod dock out my home entertainment system’s equation. the Denon DNP-720SE Network player is slated to hit the stores in Japan next month for about ¥50,400 (roughly US$655).

via Akihabara News

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