Vision Research’s Phantom v1610 video camera

Vision Research Phantom v1610 544x488px
(credit: Vision Research) Vision Research Phantom v1610 Video Camera | US$PoA |

ever dreamed about shooting a 1 million frames second video? it is certainly not far-fetch dream when you have the Vision Research Phantom v1610 Video Camera, but the trade-off for such an insane frame rate is an extremely low resolution of 128 x 16 pixels. ok, that resolution is a little ridiculous for our pampered eyes but at a HD resolution of 1280 x 800 pixels, it still does a mind-boggling 16,000 frames per second with a 28-micron pixel size, at 12-bit depth. you will have a choice of 24-GB, 48-GB or 96-GB high-speed internal RAM or cut down your saving time with the CineMag storage (256-GB or 512-GB). one look, you will know that this isn’t your everyday consumer video camera. i have little doubt about where the v1610 video camera is targeted at. as for the price, in case you are brave enough to wonder, you will have to request for a quotation from Vision Research. honestly, i was totally overwhelmed by the specs given – not technically impress but more like, technically indigestible to a layman like me. check it out here.
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Vision Research Phantom v1610 544x311px

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