Tinder is a god sent for singles around the world, but like any dating service, you will never know the likes and dislikes until you start to know the person. Dig is new entrant to the dating app market. While it can’t let in the habits of your potential partner, it does, however, assure you one thing: the person you fancy will like dogs as much as you do. Why? Because, Dig is the first dating app designed specifically with dog person in mind. Dope. Now, you will never have second guess if your date is cynophobia or not. In fact, you can be sure he or she is into dogs too.

Dig Dog Person’s Dating App on Apple App Store

Dig is aimed squarely are dog owners and dog lovers. It lets dog lovers seek out like-minded partners. The app even go to length to let user filter by dog size, just in case you are thinking ahead about, you know, cohabiting. OK. Maybe not that far. Probably as a tip if both of you are thinking of bringing each other’s dogs to each other’s home at some point in time. And the maker of Dig didn’t stop at dating; it has other value-added services too. Users can also search for dog-friendly locations near them, so you could both bring fidos along to help to break the ice or something for the first date.

Dig Dog Person’s Dating App on Apple App Store

In addition, the app will also offer users daily deals from pet companies, as well as “tips and tricks” of the day from Veterinarians and dog trainers, so you can up your care standard for your beloved four-legged friend. Why does this app sounds like a win to us? That said, someone should develop one for cat owners and cat lovers too because, I have witnessed how a person froze for no apparent reasons when she saw a harmless cat in front of her. It’s a cat, lady, not a tiger or bob cat. Duh… Dig, the dog person’s dating app is available as a free download on Apple App Store.

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