LG G7 Device Surfaced at 2018 Mobile World Congress

If there were to have a UFO hovering above a populous city, you imagine there would have more than a handful of people who have witnessed it. If you apply the same logic to a device that made a show at the recently concluded Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, then more than just a media company would have seen the purported concept LG G7 device code named ‘Neo’, right? Nope. When we first came across the news last week, I was skeptical about its legitimacy. Then, I began digging around for more info, but as it turned out, every article that I have read regarding this purported device was from the same source: Ynet, an Israel tech blog.

Now, seriously, how is even possible? I mean. I am sure major media outlets would have sent out their minions to Barcelona and surely, someone other than Ynet has seen the device which appeared, as shown in Ynet’s video, recorded at LG booth. In other words, it was in plain sight and no one talked about it straight from the show floor except for one? It boggles my mind that leading tech blogs also plucked the same news from the same source. If you ask me, I am beginning to have doubts as to how true was this supposed device.

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Anyways, if all being shown and said was true, then this supposed LG upcoming flagship will have a 6-inch OLED display in 19.5:9 aspect ratio. But more critically, it shown us one thing: it has a notch up top. Yup. That’s right. The notch that some folks sneered at when Apple introduced to the iPhone X is now becoming a thing for Android handsets too. Is it sad, or what? Probably. The notch is yet another testimony that Apple may not be the first in everything, but it always managed to make feature trendy somehow. Weird.

Anyways, moving on… according to Ynet, this device a dual 16MP cameras as its main shooter, a 8MP example for the front. A fingerprint sensor on the back, 4GB RAM (really???), 64GB storage (also, really???) and a 3,000 mAh battery (no kidding!). I know. Those are stuff probably listed on the info card next to the phone, but with the exception of the cameras, the memory and battery department seems a little unfitting for an upcoming flagship, isn’t it? If this is the real-deal, it looks like glass back is going to be a design thing again for smartphones moving forward and oh, the notch too.

Image: Ynet.

via The Verge.