Learn to Draw Marvel’s The Avengers

Drawing. It is the most expressive form after words, but unlike words, not everyone is born with the knack to draw. Fortunately, humans are capable of learning and this 128-page Learn to Draw Marvel’s The Avengers (Walter Foster, ISBN 978-1633225121) is one such help – IF you yearn to draw characters from Marvel’s Avengers like a pro. It may not turn you into a comic master, but it can probably turn you from a comic disaster to a comic hero… in drawing, that is.

In this book, Marvel artist Cory Hamscher offers you step-by-step instructions for drawing some of the most iconic Superheroes and Villains from the Avengers’ world including made-famous-by-Hollywood characters like Black Widow, Captain America, Hulk, Iron Man and Thor. But make no mistake. This is no blind doodling; it is way more than that. It takes you from how-to sketch to completing the characters in color. In between, it schools you on the basics of drawing, the fundamentals of human anatomy (but it won’t tell you how the hell Rhino use the toilet in that thick, armored suit), and inking and coloring techniques employed by the pros in the industry.

This-for-all-skill-levels, full-color paperback literature further boasts helpful drawing tips, plus a few extras like character biography, backstory and fun facts. Learn to Draw Marvel’s The Avengers will be available starting June 05, 2018, but if you can’t hardly wait, you can secure yourself a copy, as we speak, by pre-ordering it on Amazon for just $19.95.

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Image: Quarto.

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