If you love massage – any type of massage and are not squeamish when it comes to snake, then Wholeness Center New York has just the type of massage for you. This wellness center is now providing a new kind of massage and the masseurs are the cold-blooded, slithering serpent that so many mortals fear. Hmmm, I wonder what the animal rights folks’ have to say about this. Just saying… So, yeah. Snake massage IS A THING.

If you are always feeling tired and drowsy after a massage, I bet this snake massage will keep you on your toes even after the session. Why do have a feeling that most people will be “rejuvenated” for a different reasons? Anywho, each session is a thrilling 60 minutes long. During this one hour, up to four boa constrictors will slither all over you, enjoying the warm that permeates from your body while you, hopefully, are enjoying the cold that they bring.

Wholeness Center New York Snake Massage

Speaking of which, I am not sure how much you will be enjoying this treatment, but one thing for sure is, the snakes will be digging it because, the reptiles, being a cold-blooded animal, love getting the heat from whatever source they can get and therefore, I am very sure they will be enjoying itself through and through. That’s not mention that there will be a snack ready for them after they are down with their “spa.” Nah. I am just kidding! It won’t.

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In fact, the wellness center has a couple of measures to ensure you won’t become a meal. First, a staff (called Serpentessa.Yep. It’s a thing) will be present as the snakes work your body and second, the snake masseurs on duty will be well-fed, not shedding and free of illness and whatnot, so they will not pass any nasty to you nor will they will inclined to swallow you whole.

As for the “benefits,” apparently, snakes can tone and stimulate the vagus nerve (there’s a reason for the word “nervous”) in our body to release endorphins and oxytocin – “feel good” chemicals which are supposedly beneficial in combating stress. Well, I guess for some, it will be more like an adrenalin rush that’s accompanied by a slew of reactions including heavy breathing, readied muscles and perspiration. And oh, fear also releases endorphin too and so… I really don’t which is what.

Why do the idea of having snakes crawling all over my body conjures up of an image of Voldermort caressing my body with his wand or hands. Ewwww…

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Source: Luxury Launches.

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