Recently, LEGO Ideas held a LEGO MOC contest called “The Ultimate Tour”. There were 3 winners and this is one of them. If I can be honest, I think this is the coolest even though it is a third place winner. I could be biased here because, it is a ‘simulator’. However, I am confident that you will concur.

Entitled Ducati Xtrema on Driving Simulator, this lovely creation was submitted by LEGO Ideas member redera00. It basically had a LEGO Technic built Ducati Xtrema on a ‘simulator’ platform. Clever use of LEGO Technic shock absorber elements make this a highly convincing LEGO MOC.

The platform even have “rollers” to enable the motorcycle’s rear wheel to spin freely and there are of course, monitors upfront that play out the scenery as the bike ‘rides’ through the virtual world. This amazing creation secure redera00 third place in this contest. TBH, I think it deserves more than just 3rd place.

Images: LEGO Ideas (redera00).

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