Online privacy has been a lingering issue. More so after Google openly admitted tracking users’ movement despite location history has been turned off. It really is a concerned. If you are not concerned at this point, you really should. Why? Simple. Just take your mobile phone for example. You were on WhatsApp, exchanging conversation with your family and friends, then when you open your web browser or Facebook, you find yourself staring at ads related to the conversation. Now, tell me that this isn’t an intrusion of privacy? It is happening and it is a scary notion that corporations know everything about you (and wants to even more).

eBlocker 2 Online Privacy Solution

If you are concerned your privacy when being connected, then a device like the eBlocker 2 is here to help. This nifty, cube-form gadget will prevent online tracking, protect your Internet privacy, enable anonymous surfing, filter out malicious contents and allow you to block harmful content from your children – and it can do so with a setup that takes no more than 5 minutes. And the best part is, it can keep protecting you even when you are on the go. This intrusion of your privacy is not limited to computers and mobile devices; it extends to anything that connected to the Internet and that includes smart TV, vacuum cleaner and whatnot.

eBlocker 2 Online Privacy Solution

Every now and then, corporations are waiting to pounce on every single data they can possibly get their hands on and therefore, if you really treasure your privacy, you ought to do something about. I have a Facebook account, but that’s only because, I have maintain this blog’s Facebook page. I used to post anything, everything on Facebook. Until one day, it occurs to me that, I do not fancy the idea of everyone knowing where I have been, what I have done and what I have eaten. It may seem totally harmless, but the very thoughts of people knowing exactly what’s up in my life, scares me.

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eBlocker 2 Online Privacy Solution

Anywho, what eBlocker 2 Online Privacy Solution does is, it slips in between your connected devices and the router, creating a gateway to the Internet and disguises the identify of all devices hooked up to your home network. From there, it will do the aforementioned, making sure your privacy remains private. eBlocker 2 Online Privacy Solution is available in three models: Base, Pro and Family, each varying in degree of protections. Prices start at 119 euro (US$138), but at the time of this writing, eBlocker is having an IFA special with a starting price of $99.

eBlocker 2 Online Privacy Solution

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