Forget about big brand name sneakers if you are all about sustainability. Instead, you should look to kicks like the New Movements Sustainable Sneakers because, sustainability. While some big brands are embroiled in controversy such as terrible work conditions, underpaid workers and questionable manufacturing process, Norwegian New Movements promised the use of recycled, as well as natural materials, handmade by craftsperson in ethical working conditions and paid fair wages. And it is 100 percent made in Europe (specifically, Portugal).

New Movements Sustainable Sneakers

Furthermore, the luxurious body and interior are made from Italian leather that are tanned by a process that meets European laws. So, you can assure that those who work on the shoes are not abused like you know where. It pains us to hear stories on how some big brands are subcontracting potentially hazardous works like tanning leather to countries that has no regards for human health and safety. In some extreme cases, tannery workers suffer from tormenting skin diseases with some literally are being skinned alive. Super sad.

New Movements Sustainable Sneakers

Having said that, it is comforting to know that there are upstarts who are taking responsibilities for what they are making. Aesthetically, the clean, minimalistic Scandinavian style is pretty much self-explanatory. They are gorgeous (else it wouldn’t be here, would it?) and it is made to last. As for sustainability, New Movements Sneakers features an outsole that is composed of 70 percent recycled rubber, while the shoelaces are made with 100 percent recycled plastic bottles. Finally, the company pledge to say no to plastic in their packaging which is made from recycled cardboard.

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New Movements Sustainable Sneakers

If those are not impressive enough, New Movements, working with Empower, have pledged to remove 1-lb of plastic from the oceans for every pair of New Movements Sneakers sold. If you are smitten by either the footwear’s design or New Movements’ mission, you are welcome to support the startup’s cause on Kickstarter. By making a pledge of 960 Norwegian Krone (about US$114), you will be pre-ordering a pair at around 40 percent off its eventual retail price.

Delivery is quite a wait, though. If all goes as planned, it should be reaching you sometime in February/March 2019. The campaign has already breached its funding goal and so yeah, a pledge for the product is a pre-order. Hit the jump for the pitch video.

New Movements Sustainable Sneakers

New Movements Sustainable Sneakers

Images courtesy of New Movements.

Submitted via TIP US Page.

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