ego USB case – an iPhone case with USB flash drive

ego USB case
(photos: Ego & Company) ego USB case | US$tba |

regardless how it sounds, ego USB case is not a case for USB. it is, in fact, an iPhone case that features a removable USB flash drive. surprised? perhaps not. we have been wondering why nobody does that, so here it is as a real-deal product but then again, does it really matter if your USB flash drive docks somewhere like your iPhone case, or anywhere for that matter? maybe not. the USB flash drive comes in capacities of 2GB to 32GB and comes in five hues, of which they can be different from the case. perfect for making your USB flash drive stand out so that you will not forget that there’s a USB flash drive stuck right at the back of your iPhone case. at this point, the price is still ‘to be advised’ and as for the availability, it is also – you guessed it – to be advised.

Ego & Company via Gizmodo

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