ELEMENTCASE Vapor 007 & AR15-V extreme metal case for iPhone 4

ELEMENTCASE Vapor 007 iPhone 4 case 544px(photo source: elementcase.com)

fancy being james bond? well, now you can take a step closer to your dream by donning your iPhone 4 with this Vapor 007 Extreme Metal case from Elementcase. this limited edition, serialized iPhone 4 case is raw machined with hand brushed grain, befitting a top (ever cool) secret agent. brushed aluminum is not exactly tactical or stealthy in looks, but it certainly goes well with your black tuxedo and impressing your beautiful date in the process. neat huh?
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ELEMENTCASE AR15-V iPhone 4 case 544px(photo source: elementcase.com)

if you think brushed aluminum is a little way too loud for your stealth ops, then AR15-V would be the case of choice – just remember to put your iPhone to silence. you wouldn’t want the sudden ringing of your phone to compromise your stealth ops, would you? AR15-V is the first in the Extreme Metals collection, and has a anodized matt tactical finish, in black, of course. this is what i call ‘tactical’. as with the Vapor 007, it has no logo, except for the laser engraved model number and serial number at the left side of the case.

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