Elite LCD TV lives again in North America, thanks to Sharp

Elite LCD TVs 544x338px
(image credit: Elite) Elite LED LCD TV | from US$5,999.99 | elitelcdtv.com

Sharp has breathed a new lease of life to Pioneer’s former Elite TV brand in North America, continuing the heritage of stunning picture quality and an equally stunning price. pushing ahead its revival are two new models: a 60-inch PRO-60X5FD and a 70-inch PRO-70X5FD LED TVs. the brand may not be as ‘prestigious’ as designer brand name like Loewe or Bang & Olufsen but these pair offers premium specs which include Sharp’s proprietary RGB+Y technology for more vivid colors, full array LED backlighting with local dimming for the blackest black possible, and like any good modern LED LCD TV, it comes with support for Internet apps like our favorite YouTube, NetFlix, CinemaNow and Facebook.
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other highlights include THX certified display, ISG certified, DLNA certified, Elite Advantage LiveSM which provides tech support via the Internet connectivity where a personal advisor remotely connects to your TV and provide a variety of services such as setup, picture adjustment, or basic calibration. thus ensuring that the picture your Elite TV produce is nothing short of perfect. the Elite LED LCD TV will be available through selected high-end retailers and custom installation companies with a price tag of $5,999.99 for the PRO-60X5FD and $8,999.99 for the PRO-70X5FD. these prices include a pair of Elite active-shutter 3D glasses. check out a few more look of the new ELITE LCD TV after the break.

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Elite LCD TVs 544x368px

Elite LCD TVs 544x368px

Elite LCD TVs 544x368px

Elite LCD TVs 544x368px

Elite TV via Akihabara News

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