finally, TECH@mikeshouts is on FaceBook!

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finally. we have made our mark on the world’s most used social network site, Facebook. yet another way of following this blogsite for news (well, maybe not that new newsboy but you get the idea), and everything that are tech-lifestyle related. don’t you just love that? if you are reading this, then chances are you are on this blogsite, so why not take this opportunity to ‘Like’ TECHatmikeshouts? it’s simple. just click ‘Like’ under the ‘Find us on Facebook’ widget on the right and follow a super short log-in procedure, and you are done. effortless. however, if microblogging is your media of choice, you can also follow TECHatmikeshouts HERE or click on the cute ‘Follow Me’ tab that appear next to the scroll bar. oh, our Facebook page is at:

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