you don’t need to be a rocket scientist to design most mundane things like cookware, but as it turns out, it would be bonus if you are one – as proven by Flare pots and pans. generally, cookware hasn’t change a lot, much less see anything that’s worthy to be called innovative (no, non-stick doesn’t quite count) and unbeknownst to us, we have been wasting a lot of energy whenever we boil a pot of water or fry something. you see, the thing is, when the ring of fire from your gas stove hits the flat-bottomed pots or pans, the flame is never evenly distributed across the bottom and so is the flares on the peripheral of the pot, which constitutes to the wasted energy, and since the flame is uneven, it takes longer to heat up and that again, adds to the energy wastage and unnecessary longer cooking time. the wastage might be insignificant but over time, it adds up.

Flare Pans By Lakeland

with that in mind, UK kitchenware maker, Lakeland has developed in conjunction with real-life rocket scientist from Oxford University, Dr. Tom Povey to create pots that heat up 44% faster than conventional pots. as you can see from the images, the cookware features an unconventional ‘finned’ exterior, known as FIN-X technology, that helps to channel the flames across the bottom and up the sides of the cookware, therefore resulting in more efficient use of the heat, which translates to fast cooking. in fact, it is said that the Flare saucepan is able to “reach cooking temperature around 34% faster” while “using 28% less energy than standard saucepans.” the Flare Pans are made of cast aluminum for improved heat conduction and is non-stick coated on the inside. the Flare Pans are available as fry pan, saucepan, as well as stockpot with prices start at £49.99.

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Flare Pans By Lakeland

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