Remember the pair of handsome jeans made using Toyota technology? Well, here’s a matching denim pullover to go with it. Coming from Japanese label FOB Factory, G3 Selvedge Denim Pullover is also woven by vintage Toyoda (Toyota) shuttle loom.

For the uninitiated, prior to turning out automobiles, Toyota was maker of loom. I know right. Its crazy, but that was the history anyways.

FOB Factory G3 Selvedge Denim Pullover

As the product name implies, G3 Selvedge Denim Pullover is made using the legendary non-stop automatic shuttle that was restored by FOB Factory (more details in our previous story HERE).

This gorgeous apparel is made from 140 oz raw selvedge (unsanforized, no less), 100 percent blend of American and Australian cotton, and and 100 percent cotton thread done by Union Special Sewing Machine.

FOB Factory G3 Selvedge Denim Pullover

Because the machine can only be operated by skilled and experienced artisan, it makes this pullover something of a big deal. I guess you could call it an artisanal denim.

It further features exposed copper rivets with branding engraved, steel buttons with a signature stamp of FOB Factory, authentic pink bordered by white selvedge ID, original tanned leather patch, rivet reinforced cuff, and selvedge edge hemming.

FOB Factory G3 Selvedge Denim Pullover

FOB Factory G3 Selvedge Denim Pullover is entirely handmade in Okayama, Japan.

FOB Factory G3 Selvedge Denim Pullover can be pre-ordered from ATRIUM, a unique fashion platform seeking genuine artisan made products from all over the world, and it can be had for $199.

FOB Factory G3 Selvedge Denim Pullover

All images courtesy of ATRIUM/F.O.B Factory.

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