Ford GT Liquid Carbon

I will be honest. 13 ponies bumped is not the main reason we got drawn to the new Ford GT. It was the limited edition Ford GT Liquid Carbon that piqued our interests. While all Ford GT has a lightweight sculpted carbon fiber body, the Liquid Carbon is completely void of paint color.

Ford GT Liquid Carbon

In other words, petrol heads will get to admire the distinctive carbon fiber weave as is, well, save for a special clear coat that serves to highlight the weaves, give it a little shine and protects the surface.

That’s not it. The Ford GT Liquid Carbon further boasts carbon fiber wheels as standard equipment. Plus, buyers will get to choose titanium lug nuts, six-point racing harness anchors, five interior options and five caliper colors.

If that’s not enough, you can further personalized the ride with two over-the-top stripe options and painted mirror caps.

Ford GT Liquid Carbon

As far as the Ford GT is concerned, it has gotten some pretty serious upgrades.

The upgrade includes a bump in power output (to 660 horses) from its 3.5L EcoBoost twin-turbo V6 motor, a broader torque band, revised engine calibration, mechanical upgrades (gallery-cooled pistons, higher-energy ignition coils), improved cooling (new buttress air ducts, larger intercoolers et cetera), and increase in suspension damping in track mode.

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Additionally, the GT will get premium Akrapovič titanium exhaust as standard equipment. The exhaust not only looks stunning, but it also shave 9 pious over the previous system, plus it produces a glorious deep resonant.

Finally, Ford Performance has also updated the Gulf Racing Heritage Livery with a new design that includes a black pinstripe to device the distinct blue and orange colors, recalling the 1968-69 Le Mans-winning GT40.

Moreover, the optional carbon fiber number switches from 9 on the 2019 model to 6 for 2020, matching that of the historic back-to-back winning car, chassis No. 1075. For the first time on a heritage model, carbon fiber wheels are available in lieu of aluminum alloy.

Ford said the deliveries of the upgraded 2020 Ford GT “are ongoing,” but I find no upgraded GT on the website. What did I missed???

All images courtesy of Ford Motor Company.