paying homage to the symbol of manliness, The Gentlemen 52 Bicycle Playing Cards by Scott King, proudly features thirteen facial hair styles, ranging from beards to mustaches to knobs on the deck’s court cards, as well as the numbered cards. though for the latter, they only sports neutral faces with different facial hair styles so that you can imagine how you will look like with a particular style (you know, for planning what beard or mustache to sports next), or simply for facial hair enthusiasts, to learn more about the different facial hair in existence. even the ladies’ on the Queen cards of each suit are given some hairy treatment with dense hair, beards, and staches. as for the Aces, it does without a face and instead, a series of mustaches adorned the Ace cards, while the Jokers sports, ironically, graphics of shaving supplies.

the facial hair theme is matched to an aged background effect, along with pattern around the border of the cards, giving it an old world, rustic charm to the cards, which kind of reminds us of the freak show performing circus of the yesteryear. if you are looking for unique decks to add to your playing cards collection, or just need some original fun decks for your game nights, The Gentlemen 52 Bicycle Playing Cards will certainly be a good fit. for a pledge of just 11 bucks, you can help make this unique deck a reality, but if you drop another 5 bucks more, you could snag yourself a pack of The Gentlemen 52 Bicycle Playing Cards, plus a Gentlemen 52 burn branded wooden display box. splurge a little more, you would be bagging the above mentioned along with matching 1.5″ card guard and a 2″ dealer button in two-toned antique brass and antique silver finish.

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seriously, this is a must-have for any Playing Cards collectors, if not facial hair enthusiasts. and oh, to assure you of the quality of the decks, these cards will be printed by USPCC under the Bicycle brand. scroll down for a few more look.

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