When you are out camping, an ax may come in handy but you probably don’t need one. A regular size ax can be rather intimidating. Thankfully, between “it may come in handy” and “intimidating”, there is this: Gentlemen’s Hardware Axe Multi-Tool.

Gentlemen’s Hardware Axe Multi-Tool

As the product name suggests, it is an ax (well, a mini one, that is) that is also a multi-tool in disguise. The ax will come in handy when you need to chop some firewood and on the ax’s other end is a mini mallet that you can use to drive some pins into the ground.

Tuck inside the beautiful, natural wood handle is a bunch of other tools, including a saw, a knife, a bottle and can opener, a Phillips head screwdriver, and a file with a serrated edge and a flat tip that can be used for screw/unscrew flat head screws.

Gentlemen’s Hardware Axe Multi-Tool

All told, the Gentlemen’s Hardware Axe Multi-Tool has no less than 10 functions, packed into a package that is just 17.5 cm (7.5 inches) long with all the tools flipped out.

The Gentlemen’s Hardware Axe Multi-Tool is a perfect camping tool for adventurers who care about style as much as adventures. Moreover, at US$37 a pop, it is actually relatively affordable too.

Gentlemen’s Hardware Axe Multi-Tool

Images: Gentlemen’s Hardware.

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