Glitter Bomb 4.0 by Mark Rober

It started in 2018 and following that, we saw an upgraded version of it every year. It has become a tradition. We are, of course, talking about the Glitter Bomb. That’s right. It is another year of sparkling treatment for the thieves, courtesy of Mark Rober.

Glitter Bomb 4.0 by Mark Rober

At this point, most people would have known how the Glitter Bomb works. Like, seriously, why wouldn’t anyone? The Glitter Bomb videos have millions of views and it was even reported on the national news network. Hell, even some thieves knew it (and yet, continue to steal).

For the 2021 iteration, it now boasts no less than five upgrades over last year’s. These upgrades include a top that pops off when the thief tries to open it, a super loud car horn (yes, actual horn from a car!), a redesigned glitter cup that now serves up the glitters three times, a dedicated onboard microphone for continuous recording of audio once the package is stolen, and finally, it gets a new outer casing made of opaque acrylic that lets the lights inside shine brightly in the dark.

Glitter Bomb 4.0 by Mark Rober

Actually, there are more. The Glitter Bomb 4.0 now touts 20% more foul-smelling fart spray, and an “accessory” which is a fake planter box that autonomously moves to conceal the package comes nightfall. The latter is to prevent the package from being stolen during the night which the cameras cannot get a good video of the entire process.

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This is the fourth iteration and as I have said, at this point, most people would have known what this thing does and so, we shan’t say more. Instead, we shall leave Mark Rober to tell you what it does and also show you some of the results in the video below.

Images: YouTube (Mark Rober).