Godzilla Energy III Godzilla -1.0ver Energy Drink

We have not seen the last of the Godzilla energy drink yet. To mark the release of the latest Godzilla movie, Godzilla -1.0 aka Godzilla Minus One and as an early celebration of 70 years of Gojira, Cheerio – the brand behind the Godzilla energy drink – has released the Godzilla Energy III Godzilla -1.0ver Energy Drink.

Godzilla Energy III Godzilla -1.0ver Energy Drink

I don’t believe the formula of the energy drink received any tweaks. That said, the beverage is rocking the same blue hue as before. The color, for the uninitiated, is specially formulated drawing inspiration from the glowing color of the creature’s dorsal fin.

The commemoration is limited to the package, or more specifically, the graphics on the can that feature the new Godzilla, what is known as the “most terrifying” Godzilla. Each can boast two images of Gozilla; one front-facing and an angle back view.

Anyhoo, also to mark the 69 years of the world’s most famous radioactive kaiju, each can contains 690 mg of arginine which is the highest amount in the energy drink category. There is also 210 mg of caffeine. It is a powerful energy drink, alright, befitting its status as the king of monsters.

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The Godzilla Energy III Godzilla -1.0ver Energy Drink went on sale sequentially starting on October 30 in Japan for 4,800 yen for 24 cans (about US$32). It is available at select mass retailers as well as at Cheerio vending machines in Chubu, Kansai, Okinawa, and Harajuku. You may also find it on Cheerio’s online store and official Godzilla shops, namely, the Godzilla Store Tokyo, and Godzilla Store Osaka.

Images: Cheerios [JP].