If you have done work on your car’s engine, you will understand problem with keeping the tools close to you. More often than not, you have to walk to where you toolbox is, or bend down to get them because you can’t really put tools next to as you work on the engine. With the Grypmat all that changes. I know the argument about how you can just use a cheap rubber mat and to that, I will say, why not? BUT if you are into the finer things in life, or if you are working next awkward surfaces, this is it. In fact, the latter is where Grypmat really shines.

Grypmat Versatile Tool Mat by Grypshon Industries

Designed with mechanics in mind, Grypmat promised to stay in place no matter where you place it and its insane grip also helps to keep the tools in place. We heard it even sticks to vertical walls too. Made from a unique polymer-silicone blend, Grypmat is super flexible, super grippy and therefore enables it to stick to virtually any type of work surfaces and this in turn allows you to keep the tools you need so close to you that never thought possible.

Grypmat Versatile Tool Mat by Grypshon Industries

With Grypmat, not only can the tools be close to you when you need them, you can also say goodbye to runaway tools. Seriously, why wasn’t this invented when I was repairing Land Rover Defenders for a year? You know, I used to place the tools on the narrow real estate at the front of the vehicle. Obviously, the tools were at a pretty precarious position and hardly surprisingly, sometimes the tools managed to take a dive into the engine bay which can be a real hassle to retrieve. Sigh. If only we had this sticky tool pad back then.

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Grypmat Versatile Tool Mat by Grypshon Industries

This (almost) miracle tool tray is available in three sizes to suit different needs and you can acquire it over on Kickstarter where this product has enjoyed a resounding success. In other words, the campaign is well over funded and this means your pledge will constitute to a pre-order which will be fulfilled in June 2017. Prices range from $30 to $70, depending on the sizes you opt for. Check out the product pitch video below to see this awesome mat in action. And oh, don’t procrastinate for too long though cos’ the campaign will be wrapping up in three days time.

Grypmat Versatile Tool Mat by Grypshon Industries

Images courtesy of Grypshon Industries. Special thanks to Lucas for the feature image!

Kickstarter via Awesome Stuff 365

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