3D printing process can take a while and during the time when it is busy pushing out layers and layers of molten plastic, you will want to do something else. Right? And what happens when you are away? Shit happens, or simply print is done and took longer away then you should which result in wasted time. If either or both scenario sounds familiar to you, then we strongly suggest you check out Guzu HEERO. HEERO is a superhero of sort, well, not the actual superhero, superhero, but he may safe your day when it comes 3D printing.

Guzu HEERO Remote Monitoring Camera

HEERO is essentially, a remote monitoring camera, rigged to your 3D printer’s power supply, that allows you to remotely check on the 3D printing status and pull the plug (almost literally, really) if the process goes horribly wrong. It comes with a magnetic backing that allows it to be adhered to any ferrous surfaces, or for the sake his superhero image, you can acquire or 3D print a body for it. Pretty cool, right? The cape is entirely optional, but hey, he is the superhero and I think he deserve to look like one. While essentially a remote monitoring camera designed to halt any 3D printing disaster, HEERO is applicable to anything that requires remote monitoring and/or turn on or off.

Guzu HEERO Remote Monitoring Camera

It can also monitor in low light or simply add color to your otherwise monotonous 3D printer – thanks to the onboard illumination and there’s a microphone too, allowing communication between you and whoever is around HEERO, such as your kids or maybe even your pet, or if you really want, talk to your dearest 3D printer. And oh, it also has time lapse functionality too, just in case you need to document your work of art as it is being printed. Seriously, it looks like the Australian design studio has everything covered. Sounds like awesome, doesn’t it? Almost.

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Guzu HEERO Remote Monitoring Camera

There’s one thing we are not sure about even after reading through the campaign notes and watching the pitch video. Guzu stated that “it (HEERO) can alert you if your dog is digging in the garbage,” so does it mean it has motion sensor? Anywho, if you don’t mind, that’s just my curious mind at work. Guzu HEERO Monitoring Camera is on Kickstarter where you can help to make it a reality by backing the campaign. Prices range from $49-69 AUD (about US$37-52), depending on how soon you act on it. If you want HEERO’s body, that will cost you another $13 AUD (or you could print it yourself like we mentioned earlier). Catch the pitch video below to learn more.

Guzu HEERO Remote Monitoring Camera

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