we’d be lying if we were to say that we will look past home decor for sake of quality sound. deep down, we know that’s not going to happen and indeed we don’t have to cos’ there is the Harman Kardon Nova Stereo Streaming System that has both the sound and looks so that we don’t have to put ourselves through the sacrificial process. this pair of full-range speaker system, though small, still packs quite a punch, or 40W worth of audio punch to be precise, thanks to its performance-tuned 2.5″ drivers and 1.25″ tweeters, and an innovative passive radiator with turbine enclosure for extended bass response. although audio prowess is what has got, the pair also present themselves as a visual treat with its translucent (more like transparent, really) spherical exterior that lets you have a peek at the said turbine housing.

other ‘unseen’ highlights include Harman’s Digital Signal Processing (DSP) for “improved soundstaging and voicing that deliver jaw-dropping depth and realism”, a combination of analog and optical inputs for hooking up to a myriad of sources such as Roku, Apple TV and more, and NFC for swift pairing with Bluetooth devices for wireless audio streaming. specific physical dimensions of the speakers wasn’t provided, but reassure that these are uber compact speakers that would be a perfect fit for any congested shelf or desk. though these beauty and performance combo don’t come cheap; expect the Harman Kardon Nova Stereo Streaming System to set you back at $299.95 a pair. so we were wrong about not having to sacrifice anything, cos’ in this case, your bank balance will have to take one the hit.

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Harman Kardon Nova Stereo Streaming System

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