As crazy as it may sound, popular YouTube tinkerer, the Hacksmith, has built a working electromagnetic railgun. While the U.S. Navy spent more than a decade developing this supposedly next-generation gun for its Navy warships and investing around $500 million in the process, the Hacksmith team has made one right in their garage. Granted, the term did not say how much they have spent to create this small-scale railgun, but surely, the 16 capacitors, the specialized works they have engaged et cetera, can’t be in the realm of millions, right?

Anyways, the end product is a pretty dope, futuristic looking piece of hardware that prove that it can spit out a metal slug with enough velocity to decimate porcelain and stuff. Unfortunately, due to local legislation on guns, the team couldn’t make it more powerful. According to the team, it has just the power of an airsoft gun. So, yeah. It is not as deadly as the one U.S. Navy is developing (and at the verge of ditching, we read). It won’t fire a projectile in excess of 100 miles at sound barrier-breaking Mach 7. But it still one heck of a cool build. Enjoy.

Keep going for the video of the build process and a series of test firing. Be warned though, this Hacksmith video is sponsored and so, if you have a disdain for sponsored whatever, you may be turned off. Just thought we let you in on this first.

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Image: YouTube.

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