Hasselblad monster 200 megapixel camera is finally available

Hasselblad H4D-200MS 544x450px
(credit: Hasselblad) Hasselblad H4D-200MS | €32,000.00 | www.hasselblad.de

if you need to shoot a photo that you will need to blow into a larger than life proportion, look no further. after much hiatus, the Hasselblad has finally unleashed its latest camera that’s capable of a mind-boggling 200 megapixels. yeah, it’s not a typo. at the first glance, the Hasselblad H4D-200MS has an uncanny resemblance to the older H4D-50MS but that’s just what the exterior tells you. it is what’s lies inside that’s going to blow your mind. oh ya, i already told you the 200MP capability, didn’t i?
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natively, this €32,000 (about US$45,000) camera still sport a 50 megapixels sensor but what set it apart from its ‘lesser’ counterpart is that it features an innovative technology within that will combines six shots to create an insane 200 megapixels still images. however the tradeoff for taking such an immense megapixel image is it takes roughly 20-30 seconds to formulate a single 200 megapixels shot. needless to say, this camera will not go without a tripod. it worthy to note that this camera is still fully capable of taking still images at 50 megapixels if the situation requires.

do not fret if you have the older version (i.e. the 50MS), Hasselblad can upgrade your sensor for just €7,000 (about US$10,000) which is considered a great saving from the 200MS’s €32k price tag. damn, i still can’t get over the crazy numbers we have here. also if you haven’t notice, this 200 megapixels monster isn’t for everyone and when i say that, i literally mean ‘everyone’. just ask any model if they can stay still for 30 seconds for you to take the shot? you get the idea.

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Hasselblad H4D-200MS 544x348px

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