The Health Benefits of Using A Standing Desk

You may have heard about the recent trend of workers trading in their sitting desks for standing desks. But why? What’s the big deal? Well, it’s simple. Standing desks can improve your health. We all know that sitting all day will adversely affect our health, so the idea is to stand while working at your desk and stay in motion. In fact, you might be surprised to hear that one recent study found that using a standing desk is equivalent to running 10 marathons in a year.

So you can see how the simple act of standing can be much better for you. It’s no wonder so many people are switching to stand desks. Here are 4 other health benefits that you can get from stand desks.

1. Reduced Obesity Risk

When we don’t move around a lot, we can put on weight. That’s just the sad reality. It doesn’t matter if you’re a couch potato or if you just sit all day at work. A sedentary lifestyle has you packing on the pounds. It’s simple and obvious, yet so many of us fall into this trap. It puts all of us at risk for obesity, which can lead to all kinds of horrible health conditions like diabetes, high blood pressure and more. With a stand desk we are reducing our risk for obesity, which is half the battle.

2. Lowers Risk of Heart Disease

When did we determine that standing is better for your health? Well, it goes back to at least 1958 when a study looked at bus conductors who stood all day. What they found was that these people had half the risk of heart disease-related deaths when compared to those in the driver’s seats.

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So the theory has been around for a long time and there are many studies that support it. Again it comes down to movement. When we move regularly, we are healthier in general. Heart health is just one of many benefits of standing desks.

3. Helps with Posture and Reduces Back Pain

One of the biggest complaints in any office is back pain. Standing rather than sitting can improve back pain and even improve posture. It’s not just sitting all day long that harms our backs, but also how we crane our necks to look up at our monitors. Standing while working, with your keyboard and monitor properly positioned, has been shown to be much healthier on or backs.

The Health Benefits of Using A Standing Desk

4. Watch Your Mood and Energy Improve

Just as it improves all of our other health problems, standing desks can also improve your mood and give you more energy. You will have less fatigue as your stress levels decline. This means that you have more energy, which in turn will make you more alert and productive in your work.

Increased productivity and a rise in work quality mean bigger profits for the company. Maybe even a raise for you. It’s nice to know that a healthier work environment can also translate to healthier wages and a healthier company as well. There are so many reasons for businesses and individuals to use standing desks, with very little downsides.

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