Hidden Valley Ranch Pickle Flavored Ranch

I am a huge fan of pickles. So huge that I will not just ask for extra pickles on my burger but also shamelessly asked a stranger who is ordering without pickles if he or she mind if I have the pickles. OK. Maybe not the last one but you get the idea. While a super fan of pickles, I am not sure if I would love the idea of pickle-flavored chips, gummy, or salad dressing.

Hidden Valley Ranch Pickle Flavored Ranch

You know what, perhaps I would dig the idea of a pickle-flavored dressing. Because this means I could have pickles AND pickle-flavored dressing in my burger. Yums. It may be a brilliant idea after all. Anyways, so yeah, the pickle-flavored ranch is a thing now – thanks to Hidden Valley Ranch Pickle Flavored Ranch.

For the benefit of folks outside of the U.S., the ranch is an American salad dressing and Hidden Valley Ranch is one of the popular brands and I believe, the oldest, having started in the 50s. Though, it (ranch) didn’t really catch on until the 90s.

“The flavors of ranch and pickle pair extraordinarily well… The tangy, dill-pickly flavor is the perfect complement to the creamy, savory flavor profile of Hidden Valley Ranch.”

C.C. Ciafone, Marketing Director, Hidden Valley Ranch
Hidden Valley Ranch Pickle Flavored Ranch

You can savor the new pickle-flavored ranch with fried chicken sandwiches, and hot dogs, use it as a dip for your favorite chips, and much more.

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Hidden Valley Ranch Pickle Flavored Ranch comes in a 20-ounce, inverted, easy-squeeze bottle. It is available exclusively at Walmart locations across stateside for an SRP of US$4.88.

Images: Hidden Valley Ranch.