There are gummies and then there is suggestive gummy like the “Good-sized Gherkin Made of Gummy” from Vat19. With this giant girthy gummy gherkin, Vat19 has taken gummy creations to the next level of “playfulness”. I don’t need to detail how is it suggestive. I mean, it is all too obvious, isn’t it? And so… Anywho, if you ask me, I’d say it looks uber realistic when referenced to the actual pickle and you know, the other one thing. It has everything a sour dill should have, the warts and all, and of course, the sour dill flavor with a hint of sweetness of gummy.

“This all-gummy “vegetable” is flavored like a sour dill pickle with the chewy texture of gummy. While still slightly sweet, the predominantly pickle flavor and realistic appearance will trick your taste buds into thinking you plucked it right from the jar.”

Good-sized Gherkin Made of Gummy

I guess that makes it good for vegans too? At the time of this writing, giant girthy gummy gherkin is sold out, but we heard you can grab this 4.5oz gummy pickle off from Amazon too. But be warned, it looks like it is going at a premium over what’s supposed to be $5.99 a pop.

Images: Vat19.

via Laughing Squid.

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